Time to Start Planning for our 2015 Annual Meeting

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 94th Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. at its new venue, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The spotlight theme for the 2015 TRB Annual Meeting is Corridors to the Future: Transportation and Technology. A number of sessions and workshops will focus on this theme.
Time to Start Planning for our 2015 Annual Meeting

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Want to participate?

There are several ways to participate in the 94th Transportation Research Board (TRB) 94th Annual Meeting:


1. Participate in AR010 workshops

Segregating freight and passenger rail service in congested urban corridors

Workshop co-sponsored by the Intercity Passenger Rail Committee (AR010) and the Commuter Rail Committee (AP070).

With demand growing and capacity constrained for both passenger – intercity and commuter -- and freight rail services, and increasing concern about moving hazardous cargo through congested urban areas, this workshop will explore the logistical, safety, financial, policy and practical aspects of segregating freight rail service from passenger rail service through and around urbanized regions as a means to expand capacity, improve speed and ensure the safety of rail operations.  

Want to help organize this workshop or make a presentation? Contact Eric Peterson 


2. Submit workshop ideas

Workshops held by AR010 aim to create, enrich, or foster thought, research, policy development for those interested in fostering and nurturing Intermodal, Socioeconomic, and Research agendas within Intercity Passenger Rail or associated policy area(s).

Workshops could seek to produce guidance or tools for developing Research Needs Statements, strategies for current transportation policy, indicating successful practices in the private or public sectors,  possible leadership developments etc.

If you have an idea for a workshop for the upcoming 2015 Annual Meeting. Use the form link below.

2015 Annual Meeting Workshop Request Form


3. Present your research

The call for papers for the 2015 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting is already closed (August 1, 2014). 

If you are interested in contributing with paper in future Annual Meetings, Committee AR010 Intercity Passenger Rail seeks papers addressing the design, construction and planning of intercity passenger rail systems in North America and around the world.

Papers should offer insights into research, practical experience, and case studies pertaining to finance, operations, management, organization, and policy issues related to intercity passenger rail systems. Of particular interest will be those elements that have proven successful internationally that may be seen as having application to North America.

Subject Areas:

  • Design
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Policy
  • Public Transportation
  • Rail

AR010 Call for Papers

Call Organizer: Genaro Mejia (genaro.mejia@arup.com)

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